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A native of Chicago, Marc the Menace now resides in Newport "Bad" News, VA. Marc says " I can relate to everybody you know." This is what gives the audience and fan base the ability to identify with him. His music is a narration of life, both his and yours, which bridges the gaps between all music lovers.

Marc's influences stretch the spectrum of Hip-Hop from the raw heartfelt Tupac Shakur to the flamboyant and boisterous Redman. Being diversified, he enjoys the grittiness of Beanie Siegel and still has time to appreciate the soulful and positive Kanye West. He describes his "mentors" as original; they all brought something new to the industry, which Marc feels is the most important asset of his art. He is (as most are) a struggling artist with real life tales. Comparable to other artist, Marc brings something new to the flooded Hip-Hop industry.

Marc's plans are far beyond being a rapper. He aspires to be the man that everyone will love and respect. Taking care of responsibility and providing for his family, Marc is a man with character that will help fill void for a generation lacking role models and heros.

"I want to buy my mom a house and feed my family." His immediate goals are simple, he just wants to "get out there." Marc knows that hard work and dedication will help him accomplish his goals. He hopes that his actions will not only be the key to his success, but will prove to be an example to his younger fans. Marc envisions his lyrics to be on the tongues of Hip-Hop lovers, regionally and mainstream. Marc will continue to move forward with ambition and the mantra, "Don't stop learning. Take advantage of all situations and stay ahead of the game."

Marc's recent accomplishments include being the 2005 winner of 103 jamz/koch records' 7 cities greatest mc contest. Marc the Menace has also been featured on numerous mixtapes including Coast2Coast #62 hosted by Swizz Beatz and the always popular Hood Platinum Mixtape series. Marc the Menace's last album became a classic street hit with thousands of copies being distributed to his fans. Marc is also the C.E.O. of Get Paid Entertainment.